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Willamette Botanicals Oregon's Finest CBD Hemp Products

Oregon quality from our farm to your home.


All CBD hemp flower used in our products is produced on farms in Oregon's beautiful lush Willamette Valley. It is grown in the ground for a healthier, more robust plant. We are Oregon State licensed and our products meet Oregon testing standards

Local and Handcrafted


We never use any chemicals in our processing. We infuse our products the old fashioned way. We  hand-make our base oil by soaking the hemp flower. Because we use the whole flower, you enjoy all of the benefits of the terpenes that are naturally in the hemp.

Organic and Local Ingredients


We use organic and local Oregon ingredients in our products whenever possible.  The CBD hemp flower we use, although not certified as organic, is organically grown. Oregon's Finest Hemp Products

Our Healthful Products

Hemp-Infused Honey


Honey Products

If you love honey, you will love our infused honey. It can be taken by teaspoon, used for cooking, or added to your favorite hot beverage. We only use organic  honey. All of our products are made from pesticide-free, naturally-grown hemp grown outdoors in the sun and in Oregon native soil. We make small batches from whole flowers, giving you all of the natural goodness of the flower.

Hemp Flower-Infused Honey

Many people experience benefits when using our CBD hemp honey. Unlike some hemp products , when you buy from Willamette Botanicals you know what you are buying. We are Oregon State licensed. Our products are tested by licensed Oregon labs so you can be certain of its potency and that it is free of pesticides. Our hemp Honey is made using organic honey. It is hand processed in small batches using Oregon hemp. 


Hemp Flower-Infused Lotion


We start with an exceptionally high-quality lotion which we infuse with our CBD hemp solution.  So, not only will you get the relief you seek, you will also get a lotion that moisturizes without leaving you feeling greasy. The pleasant aroma is soft and subtle, not overwhelming.  


Hemp Flower-Infused Glycerin


Glycerin tincture can be taken under the tongue in small amounts. Our glycerin tincture is made using pure 100% Kosher USP food grade vegetable glycerin. Glycerin is a heavy, syrupy clear liquid sugar alcohol that has approximately 60% of the sweetness of sucrose, and about the same food value.

It is, however. not actually a true sugar and is often used as a sugar substitute, as diabetics are often able to use it without experiencing the blood sugar rollercoaster they suffer with sucrose or other sugars.


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